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Bithumb said it would conduct further information disclosure and due diligence after the investigation was completed, with the aim of effectively reducing customer concerns about the exchange's potential bankruptcy. On the other hand, it has been reported that Bithumb has still not identified the attackers, as investigators found the record of hacking the exchange to be precarious. In fact, hackers don't get caught every time, and sometimes their identities may never leak out.

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Doubts about the governance of the ethereum did not delay the development of the ethereum 2.0April 14, 2019

Vitalik Buterin, founder of ethereum, said on Reddit that the recent noise about the treatment of the ethereum was so loud that it was uncomfortable, but it did not delay the development of the ethereum 2.0, Prysmatic, Lighthouse and ETH All 2.0 research teams are moving towards the established timetable, and the development of state channels, Plasma and ZK Rollup is steadily ahead. Vitalik…

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Paxos CEO Charles: Compliance Stable Currency market value will surpass USDTApril 08, 2019

The cryptographic money market reproduces signs of recovery, which, according to industry insiders, is bound to be linked to the general amount of money entering over the field. The stable coin, as an important "gate" of the traditional financial world and the cryptographic money industry, has become the soldiers must for. IBM signed a letter of intent with six international banks to issue a…

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BTC at the end of the flag triangle volume upward rebound,April 05, 2019

BTC at the end of the flag triangle volume upward rebound, rushed up to February 8, the newly formed upward trend line in the resistance to fall back, is currently in the vicinity of 5000 small finishing, BTC has successfully broken through the MA200 long-term average suppression since July 18, indicating that the recent trend is very strong, below the strong support for Fibonacci rebound 5…

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Bithumb has been unable to determine his futureApril 05, 2019

For now, Bithumb has been unable to determine his future, and the community has cast doubt on their turnover data, which is now followed by hacking following layoffs, further deepening the community's frustration. For Bithumb, you can publish high turnover data-as long as you like, but in the end, you have to attract users to trade on your platform so you can earn a handling fee and then keep your…

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Bithumb self-reported a turnover of more than $1.2 billionApril 05, 2019

March 30, the Bithumb Exchange reported a turnover of $330,910,359. And on March 27, two days before they were attacked, Bithumb self-reported a turnover of more than $1.2 billion. At the time of writing, the turnover figures came to 838,102,877 of dollars, but it is important to note that the Bithumb Exchange does not appear in CoinMarketCap's "adjusted turnover" rankings, and that well-known…

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Is layoffs, hackers, and the next one going bankrupt?December 23, 2016

Last month, Bithumb made a round of layoffs, so far no one has linked the attack to layoffs, but in such a short period of time there have been two of vicious incidents, will certainly produce an interesting idea: will there be some of the Bithumb Exchange security architecture Very well known people who lost their jobs and then resented and decided to carry out the attack? In fact, this is not…

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