Is layoffs, hackers, and the next one going bankrupt?

March 30, the Bithumb Exchange reported a turnover of $330,910,359. And

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Last month, Bithumb made a round of layoffs, so far no one has linked the attack to layoffs, but in such a short period of time there have been two of vicious incidents, will certainly produce an interesting idea: will there be some of the Bithumb Exchange security architecture Very well known people who lost their jobs and then resented and decided to carry out the attack?

In fact, this is not the first time this has happened-look at Edward Snowden. Today, however, the cryptographic money market is recovering, and Bithumb clearly does not want to miss the chance to bounce back, so they still allow deposits and withdrawals of cryptocurrencies that have not been hacked, as well as the won legal currency deposit.

According to the data disclosed by CoinMarketCap, Bithumb has grown by more than a double since March 30 (though Bithumb did not appear in the CoinMarketCap adjusted turnover ranking list), and the ranking rose from 30th to 26th place.